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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

21 Mar 2012

Can fate be kind?

I sure hope so.

The sun came out today and my dear husband had a real smile on his face. It warmed my heart to see it. Still, I was shivering inside...

Then I saw an old friend, a ladybug that lived on our bedroom window this whole winter. I haven't seen her for a while, it was so cold. I'm so happy to know she is still alive and doing well! I bet she is waiting for spring to have her babies in our garden. Last year we had a whole family! That would be wonderful, that would be kind.
Resident Ladybug

I guess fate can be kind to me too. I hope so. Maybe it started today?

Love and Light,
Amelia's mom.


  1. I don't know how else to contact you yet, but I wanted to let you guys know that I was thinking of you today while I was cross Country skiing. The view was breath taking and I remember thinking the same thought when I saw pictures of Amelia. Today must be heart breaking for you and I wish I could take even a little bit of your pain away. Love and hugs from Tavian and I.

  2. Hi Alena. Thanks to Mokah I got this link to your blog. Even though we only met a few times, I often think of you and your little angel. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and hope that summer brings a lot of smiles for you and your husband. Take care ---Aman

  3. Hi Alena,

    We miss you! You and Amelia are in our thoughts. Big hugs!