Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

21 Apr 2012

Angel Smiles.

I've been in a crappy mood these days. No big reason, apart from just wanting to hold my sweet Amelia.

A momma is allowed to want to hug her kid. So do I. And I just get mad seeing other people with their strollers, out and about, acting so important. As if they graduated from some big life university now that they have a snotty toddler. Yeah, try on my shoes for a while.

So I've been cranky.

Went to an organic market this morning and they didn't have kale. I went there for kale. How dare they not have kale? Left without it, disappointed, after having to dodge strollers and pushy moms and screaming kids. Argh!

Decided to go see Amelia. 

Even though the not-so Dignity Memorial workers have been doing very crappy mowing these days and it looks like a bomb explosion site, I still needed to go. 

Somehow ended up driving the OTHER way. Ended up at a starbucks. Ok, cool, I'll get a drink and a treat, and then go to Amelia's. 

I get out of the car and... this (not so) cute corgi drops in its steps and starts rolling over in front of me! He must have mistaken me for a young queen ;) He kept rolling and looking cute until I laughed out loud. As soon as that happened, he got up and carried on as if nothing happened! 
Wow. A dog just made me smile (not a dog person :). 
There must have been a reason I went the wrong way...

Feeling better, I got my tea and a treat and headed to Amelia's. Since it was another baby's first birthday today, I stopped by a local florist to get some flowers for her. Got mad at stupid people who couldn't park, children who just were in my way, and people in general. 

A girl can get mad once in a while. Gah.

Get to Amelia's, finally,  and there she is! A Ladybug waiting for me, right in the middle of her spot! As soon as I took a picture, she flew away. 

My sweet angel must be doing this, making her mama smile all day. Thank you my love.

I feel better now. 
Going to stay in for the rest of the day ;)

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