Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

7 Jun 2012


Cold sweat is rolling down my back, memories flood my mind, sharp pain squeezes my heart. Just a few moments ago I was peaceful, content. I was reading a new book, sitting in a comfy chair under a blanket, while the rain came down hard on the world around me. Hours passed while I was in this quiet state, until I looked up and felt Amelia near me. She was there the whole time, I just didn't see it. So loving, so kind.

And then I remembered. The last day she was alive. I was sitting in our rocking chair, in the same spot by the window, reading and watching the clouds go by. Same hours went by as I sat there peacefully, as if taking one last break before the storm.

The next day she was dead.

I can't sit in that chair anymore. Still, it is the closest thing I have to her right now.

I love you more than words can ever tell,
Till we meet again.

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  1. My memories of the last few days my baby was alive are so bittersweet. I remember the day she died vividly. I replay it in my mind over and over wishing I had done something different, something that could have saved her. Be gentle with yourself and hold onto those moments when you feel her close.