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24 Jun 2011

Sequence of Events

Yesterday, the 23rd, was three months since Amelia was alive. Today, the 24th, is three months since she died. Tomorrow, the 25th, will be three months since she was born.

I am struggling with acceptance of the sequence of these events. How can my child be dead before she is born? How can I bury my newborn?

Nothing makes sense anymore, life and everything in it is up for an evaluation, a scrutinizing one. What mattered before, has no meaning, what had no meaning before is now the way of life.

What remains a constant is missing my girl.


  1. Hang in

    We love you

  2. I was searching for amelia sequence,
    it was on TV series Touch in episode 06.
    I found this page
    My birtday is 24th of June.
    Nothing, no soul, is lost. let her soul free.
    Most probably she started her new journey.
    Please let her free...

    1. I cannot imagine what you are going through. The pain of losing a child is excruciating! Right now you feel there is no relief from your agony and sorrow but God, your family, friends and loved ones will guide you through this. I pray that the Lord helps you find peace through your this hard time. Mike

    2. You're an idiot!!!!!

    3. I hope you are speaking to the person who suggested I "let her free" when referring to my daughter.

      Thank you for those words. My thoughts exactly.

      I think this person is so scared to know that someone was grieving the death of a baby on their birthday, they had to request a "release" of the baby's soul for their own personal comfort. It made this commenter feel better.

      This is definitely not the first person to give a stupid remark out of their own fear. Sadly, not the last person either. Best bet is to say "I have no clue how you feel" and nothing else. That's it, these are the Only safe words.

      Oh, stupid people. Love to hate them :)

  3. Like anonymous, I was searching for the Amelia sequence and like that show I feel that we are all connected somehow. I have two children and almost lost one and known others who have had the same experience you have. You won't be able to forget but you can move on and have a blessed life. Take comfort in what you have and look towards your friends, family, and faith to get you through. Mari

  4. Mari is correct, we are all connected. The loss of your precious angel brought you here where you have connected with people and changed there lives with your story. Amelia's story will go on.
    Another Mike

  5. Hi. I too, like two people above, have been led here by the Amelia sequence, and i feel, it is not by chance alone, but because somehow, through some quantum entanglement, we are all connected to each other, and feel each other. Please see our comments as a proof of this.
    Coincidentally (or not!), today too is the 25th!
    Have a blessed life.