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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

4 Aug 2013

Conversation with a Big Sister.

I have a little buddy in our park, a little girl who recently became a big sister. Mr. Wiggles is just a few months older than her brother, so she is very interested in sharing and comparing...

Today we had an interesting conversation. It felt nice to talk to this little girl, as I felt somewhat closer to my own little girl... Yet it broke my heart as she told me how she doesn't get much sleep these days with her little brother crying every night. She told me how she picks the buggers out of his nose because her parents don't. She told me how she teaches him how to point at things, how to shake his booty. She shared her sisterly love, excitement, and responsibility for her little brother. 

My heart broke as I watched Mr. Wiggles and thought how he will never get that from his Big Sister. I know she watches over him and is always with us, but it's not the same... And I kept wanting to say that he also has a big sister. And I didn't know how to say that to a six-year old...  

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