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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

13 Aug 2013

What is your daughter's name?

I was playing with Mr. Wiggles at our local coffee shop. A woman came in with a gaggle of kids. The youngest, a girl of about four, went straight to the kids corner and started playing with us. It was neat to see her interact with Mr.Wiggles. She asked what his name is, and I told her. I asked what her name is, and she told me. Then she asked what my daughter's name is, and after a moment of brief hesitation, I told her. I've never met this girl before. I don't really tell young kids about Amelia, I just don't know how. But she didn't ask me IF I had a daughter, she asked me what her name IS. 

This is something most adults are so afraid of doing, yet this little girl made my day by asking. I have no idea why she asked, how did she know to ask, if there was something she knew, or if it was just something she asked without thinking. She told me she has a sister who is two and a half. Of course she does...

I don't know how the universe works, but today I'm both, laughing and crying. 

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