Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

29 Oct 2011


I was laying in bed, thinking. Thinking about us, the humans. The way we live, the things we love. I feel that as a whole, as all people together, we are travelling on the wrong track. With all the greed in the world, all the indifference, egoism, consumerism we cultivate, we are forgetting what is really important: each other. How can we not realize that no other physical creation has true value, life value, other than a human. We are the ones who give meaning to things, be it cars, jobs, houses. But we are the only ones carrying real meaning.

While I was thinking these deep thoughts, a lightbulb exploded above my head. I mean I really saw an explosion in front of me, above the nightlight. It lit up the room, just for a few seconds, and it made a sound, but only I heard it. Only I saw it. It freaked me out, enough that I can't sleep now.

I think it was Amelia telling me something. At first I worried, is it something good, or is it something bad? I think it's good. As the thought going through my head at the moment was good, I think it was a sign to say it out loud. So, here it is.

I believe that we, the global society, need to have an Ethical Pact with each other. It is time to take an oath to be true and honest with each other, as we are with ourselves, making sure that all decisions we make are ethical.

I know it sounds hippy, but why not? Why not value a life of a person across the world more than a purse in my hand? Don;t get me wrong, I am all for comfortable living and all for toys and things, but there is no need for extremes. I wonder if this is what the 99% want, a simple Ethical Law that we all must follow so that everyone has enough. So that no-one throws out food while another dies from hunger.

 Think about it...

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